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As one of the world’s leaders in industrial chemistry, Clariant creates value with innovative and sustainable chemical products and solutions for customers from different industries.

The business unit ICS is one of the largest providers of specialty chemicals and application solutions for consumer care and industrial markets. Combining chemical industry knowledge with high-performance ingredients and formulation expertise, ICS delivers solutions with the best cost-performance ratios.

Clariant is committed to providing its partners with innovative ingredients that not only fulfill consumer needs but also deliver benefits during production. That’s why we continuously optimize our manufacturing processes to increase efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

As a key chemical manufacturer and supplier, Clariant offers products with consistent quality and stable properties, providing the required performance in formulation and application.


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The business unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties serves a wide range of industries:



June 30, 2022
Clariant’s new Dispersogen® Flex 100: now the only choice for superior and sustainable pigment preparations
June 30, 2022
Clariant, a leading global provider of specialty chemicals, has launched its first universal polymeric dispersing agent for high quality pigment preparations that can incorporate organic and inorganic pigments and can be used for all types of water-based paint systems. In addition, waterborne pigment preparations with Dispersogen Flex 100 can also be compatible with solvent-borne base paint systems. more
June 29, 2022
Discover Clariant’s biodegradable microplastic-free opacifier for shampoo and liquid soaps
June 29, 2022
Clariant now offers a natural-derived, readily biodegradable opacifier to support Personal Care formulators in minimizing the impact of shampoos, conditioners, handwashes and other rinse-off shower and bath products on marine and river life. New Plantasens OP 95 is a microplastic-free option which delivers powerful opacifying performance even at low concentrations, for a creamy white appearance with luxurious, caring consumer appeal for shampoos and liquid soaps. more


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