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With Dispersogen® Flex 100, there is no more need to choose. The polymeric dispersing agent from Clariant allows to make high quality water-based pigment preparations that can incorporate all types of pigments, can be used for all types of water-borne paint systems and can also be used in solvent-borne systems. Dispersogen® Flex 100 offers ultimate flexibility when making and using pigment concentrates to color paints.

Dispersogen® Flex 100 is a universal dispersing agent with pigment-affine groups for dispersing organic and inorganic pigments, including carbon blacks and titanium dioxide.

  • The product is free of APEOs and solvents
  • contains less than 1.0% VOCs and 1.0% SVOCs (ISO 11890-2).
Clariant_Photo_Pipette dispersing agent_13-05-2022


Clariant Icon Swissknife 20220622 copy

Universal dispersing agent for organic and inorganic pigments

Clariant Icon Maximum Precision Pipette 20220622 copy

100% active product

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Easy handling

Clariant Icon Non Toxic Erlenmeyer Flask 20220622 copy

Label free

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Clariant EcoTain 20220623 copy

A Clariant EcoTain product


Pigment preparations with Dispersogen® Flex 100 exhibit a better storage stability than those stabilized with competitor products. This can be seen in particular for the pigment PO 82.